HUAWEI RECRUTE : 4 Nouveaux Profils

HUAWEI RECRUTE : 4 Nouveaux Profils

-Management Trainee.
-Service Manager.
-Project Manager for Maintenance service project.
-DTSE-Developer Technical Support Engineer (Android).
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. est une entreprise fondée en 1987, dont le siège social se trouve à Shenzhen en Chine et qui fournit des solutions dans le secteur des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC).
Le métier historique de Huawei est la fourniture de réseaux de télécommunication aux opérateurs : l’entreprise fournit des matériels, des logiciels et des prestations de services pour les réseaux de télécommunications des opérateurs et les réseaux informatiques des entreprises.
Aujourd’hui, Huawei est un fournisseur de solutions numériques en terminaux, réseaux et cloud, pour les opérateurs, entreprises et consommateurs. Ses produits et solutions sont déployés dans plus de 170 pays.

Huawei recrute 4 Nouveaux Profils

Management Trainee

Main responsibility:
1.Provide opportunities, exercise professional capabilities, fully stimulate your development potential, and work with us in the real business environment to grow together.
2.Management Trainee in different business departments and positions. The main department include retail Dept,/sales Dept. /channel Dept./service Dept./ delivery Dept./Android Technical support …..
2.Familiar with the main content and essential skills of the sector;
3.Completion of relevant project/work training;
Bachelor degree, good at communication and coordination, strong learning ability, confident and diligent, positive and enthusiastic.

Service Manager

1. Service system construction:
Responsible for Morocco service network construction, service vender management and service store construction.
2. Business operations management:
Responsible for the operation and management of the service center, make sure repair fast and high quality.
3. Customer support:
Management of consumer complaints from hotline and service store.
4. Spare parts management:
Responsible for the management of service store spare parts, Includes spare parts application, distribution and write-off etc..
1. Familiar with the after-sales business process of terminal products.
2. Have some experience in the management of spare parts.
3. Have good service awareness, like to communicate with other people.
4. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Project Manager for Maintenance service project

Position Responsibility
This role will be responsible for the successful planning, execution, monitoring, and control of projects in order to meet contract deliverables to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, has overall profit and loss responsibility for the project.
-Project Management – Responsible for Managed service projects in Morocco, including HR, Finance, Contract, Procurement, Admin, Quality, EHS, internal control, etc.
-Responsible for making and actionable development strategy through close co-operation with the customer for project and business purposes. Participate in contract preparation and to the pre-sale meeting to develop the business
-Making a project governance model and process internally and externally, build and lead a project team to implement it.
-Development of required project documentation identifying project goals and tasks and generating assignments consistent to meet objectives.
-Leveraging organization in order to fulfill resource plan
-Establishment of change management procedures, including evaluation and communication for the project duration.
-Develop a reporting strategy for projects based on a governance model.
-Manage customer relationship building confidence and trust
-Maintain clear communication with customers regarding mutual expectations and monitors customer satisfaction.
-Build sustainable business relationships beyond the project environment.
-Coordinate and identify new business opportunities.
-Financial and progress reporting based on agreed baselines.
-Manage project data in order to predict project results and success factors.
-Build and lead the project team. Drive team to execute and fulfill the assignment
-Take responsibility for project delivery and actively execute in line with project plan while maintaining quality standards, profit targets, and business operation key index.
-Ensures all commitments are met in accordance with project goals/objectives.
-Control equipment orders and deliveries, service costs, project activities, and customer hand-over requirements.
-Main responsibilities on E2E planning and management of financial and operational performance
-Ensure financial system monitoring and ensure project financial performance.
-Drive for continuous efficiency improvement
-Ensure Project Cost Adherence management
-Optimize Project operational performance (non-financial KPIs, e.g. Project Schedule Adherence)
-Ensure efficient claim management
-Aim to improve revenue by e.g. capturing add-on-sells opportunities by effective Change Management
-Performs risk management across the full project life cycle, monitor and handle changes, conflicts, and escalations.
-Manage scope and change, formulate action plans to mitigate risk and minimize schedule delays and costs.
-Actively take advantage of change opportunities and recommends new or revised strategies for project integration.
-Assure quality standards are met on assigned deliverables.
-Strong management in internal control
Education background:
Bachelor degree or Above
Work experience:
More than 5 years of experience in operations and maintenance service in telecoms or IT; Strong operation and consulting background and international experience preferred Operation and maintenance experience for telecom operators is a major advantage.
Excellent written and oral English communication skills, knowledge of Chinese Mandarin is a plus
Skill appraisal:
A strong end to end O&M knowledge, such as ITOM, ITIL, network operation processes and interfaces
Professional knowledge:
1. Deep understanding of the telecommunication industry trends, operator challenges,
2. Strong knowledge of team management, risk management, and customer satisfaction management.
Professional skills:
1. Excellent Project management skills
2. Highly developed leadership skills
3. customer insight and consultative skills
4. Financial understanding and business mindset.
5. Sales and business development skills
6. Negotiation, influencing & Conflict management skills.
7. Effective problem-solving skills
8. Able to leverage organizational politics
9. Able to prioritize and focus under stress
10. Able to drive change where needed
11. PMP Certification highly desired
Other requirements:
Can go in  business trips and work under stress.

DTSE-Developer Technical Support Engineer (Android)

-Respond to developers’ support requests and feature-related questions.
-Responsible for technical analysis, validation of Huawei HMS and other related Huawei open platform capabilities.
-Participate in the function, architecture and performance optimization of HMS and other open platform capabilities.
-Responsible for technical documentation related to Huawei open platform capabilities and assisting business development team. » « 
-Bachelor degree or above, major in computer software or related, more than two years’ experience in Android platform development.
-Familiar with Android application development framework and software development process, able to independently complete development tasks according to product design and requirements, familiar with Android UI framework, thread, process characteristics, Android network communication protocol, such as: http, web service, socket, etc., familiar with Android performance indicators.
-Proficient in Android Studio IDE, at least one project development experience related to Android products.
-Strong ability to analyze and solve problems, strong sense of responsibility.
-Team spirit, good pressure resistance, positive attitude, able to actively integrate into the team and manage the team appropriately.
-Pay close attention to the development trend of new technology in the industry and effectively grasp the direction of technology development.


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